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Great Revival New Zealand prayer coordinator

Won-Kon migrated to New Zealand from South Korea in 1997. He is a New Zealand registered social worker and a private family therapist and counsellor. Over the past 10 years, he has worked in several different social services such as CYFS, DHB and NGOs as a social worker. He recently founded Revive Family and works with desire to revive families in New Zealand.

Won-Kon is serving as a prayer coordinator with a group of Korean pastors in Auckland, called Great Revival New Zealand, with conviction that Korean churches have responsibility to respond to a call from Lord to pray for the revival of New Zealand with NZ churches. Great Revival of New Zealand has been connected to several different ethnic church leaders and having united prayer gatherings with those and Korean churches for last a few years.

Won-Kon is a member of Windsor Park Baptist Church in North Shore and is married to Eun and have two children